Roof Top Tent (RTT) QUICK RELEASE TENT MOUNTS – 23Zero / Vanultra


23Zero’s Quick Release Mounts, developed in partnership with Vanultra, to revolutionize the installation and removal process of roof top tents. Experience ultimate convenience and efficiency with our innovative solution.

SKU: 230VUQR1630-23



  • Easy Installation: Installing the Quick Release Mounts is a breeze, whether it’s part of a new tent installation or added afterwards. The process is similar to installing your tent for the first time, ensuring a straightforward setup
  • Quick Removal and Reinstallation: With the “Drop and Drive” installation feature, you can effortlessly align and set up your tent once, and then remove and reinstall it without the need for any tools
  • Flexibility and Versatility: Enjoy better fuel mileage by effortlessly detaching the roof top tent when it’s not needed. Extend the life of your tent by removing it during harsh weather. And it’s perfect for those who like to mix it up. Depending on the activity, now you can quickly remove your tent to make room for kayaks, bikes, and more, expanding the versatility of rack system
  • Wide Compatibility with Racks: The Quick Release Mounts are designed to work with most racks, including round tubular, rectangular, and brand-specific cross bars. Our solution offers flexibility and compatibility, providing a seamless fit for your specific rack. Please note that additional fit kits may be required for certain applications
TentDirect FitFit Kit Needed
Walkabout (ALL)YesNo
Breezeway (ALL)YesNo
Kabari OrgNo230VUQR1200
Kabari LiteYesNo
Kabari XYesNo
Armadillo X2 (with square mounting rail)No230VUQR1200
Armadillo X2, X3 (with slider rail)YesNo
Armadillo A2, A3YesNo


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Additional information


Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 10 in



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