Portable Intelligent Electric Pressure Washer Pump 100W 160 PSI 12V Portable Pressure Powerful Washing Kit with 21.3 Feet PVC Hose for Home, Car, Garden, Projects(100 W-Black Hose)


Brand Bang4buck Power Source manual, gasoline, cigarette lighter Color Orange Maximum Pressure 160 Pound per Square Inch Item Weight 0.03 Kilograms Hose Length 20 Feet Product Dimensions 9.45″L x 6.3″W x 5.51″H Tank Volume 7 Liters Very powerful INTELLIGENT washer pump, START-STOP AUTOMATICALLY;easy DIY to wash your car,bike, walls, or doing projects B4B BANG 4…

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B4B BANG 4 BUCK Washer Pump Main features:

Voltage: DC 12V

Power: 100W

Max Pressure: about 160PSI (0.9MPA), usually 110psi- 160psi

Flow: 1-7L/min

PVC Pipe length: 6 meters(19.69 feet)

Pressure pipe length: 1.2 meters( 3.94 feet)

Car ciigarette charger line length: 3 meters(9.84 feet)

Over-current protection: charger lighter fuse will break when the current over 15A. And an bonus ciigarette lighter fuse is included

Package Include:

6M PVC Pipe with Easy Connector (Water Out)

High Presure Water Gun

1.2M Pipe with Water In Filter

100W Water Pump

Car ciigarette Charger with 3M line

Precautions for use:

1. Can not soak in water

2. The pressure adjustment screw can not be adjusted. Before leaving the factory, the pressure has been adjusted well, any random adjustment will increase the pressure of the return, which will cause the water pipe easy to burst

3. The inlet must be installed filter device, can not enter the impurities. Otherwise, easy to plug the pump, resulting in lower pressure or even can not outlet water

4. It is not resistant to oil erosion. (Non-pumping gasoline engine oil-diesel kerosene)

From the manufacturer

100W 160 PSI 12V High Pressure Powerful Pressure Car Washer

Pressure Washers

B4B 12V portable pressure car washer are intended to deliver the desired quality, portable multi-scenario use application for daily life needs. Its perfect for washing your vehicle, bicycle, boat and other objects. The 12V pump washer is designed from the inside out for the effective, efficient, and economical application for car washer, outdoor activity, garden projects and etc.

12V pressure washer

3 Type of Water Flow, Make It A Muti-functional Portable Pressure Washer

12V pressure car washer

car washer

portable pressure washer pump

portable 12V pressure washer

Mini & Portable

Store in a cool place and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Easy to Install and Use

Please follow the instructions for installation. Installation can be completed within 3 minutes.

We help you solve all installation problems that may occur.

12V Power Support

Insert the socket in the car, hit the car power (according to the specific circumstances of the car, need to start the engine), the power light is on and can be used, if you do not use the power of the car, you need to buy additional adapters power plug.


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Additional information


Weight 0.066139 lbs
Dimensions 9.45 × 6.3 × 5.51 in

Power Source


Maximum Pressure

160 Pound per Square Inch

Hose Length

20 Feet

Product Dimensions

9.45"L x 6.3"W x 5.51"H

Tank Volume

7 Liters

Item Weight

0.03 Kilograms, 1.13 ounces



Item model number

Solid 100W Snow Pressure Washer



10 reviews for Portable Intelligent Electric Pressure Washer Pump 100W 160 PSI 12V Portable Pressure Powerful Washing Kit with 21.3 Feet PVC Hose for Home, Car, Garden, Projects(100 W-Black Hose)

  1. TP

    I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t have high expectations for the semi-cheap product. I purchased after a trip to the Utah Salt Flats wherein I wanted to hose my truck down of the salt as soon as possible.I ‘assembled’ the pump/sprayer in about 3 minutes and it worked great! It automatically does not pump while there’s no forward pressure, so you can’t burn the pump. Simply squeeze the sprayer, and the pump kicks in just fine. The PSI is as expected with a pump this small. It’s no power washer, but it will certainly spray debris off your vehicle, boots, or gear, and could loosely be used as a shower if needed. I’m impressed and am excited to use it more in the field. It’s nice that they have quick attach/release for the pump to the orange hose and for the orange hose to the sprayer.2 notes: I had to tighten the insert nozzle from the orange hose into the sprayer. Water was coming out of the sprayer handle. I tightened it (pliers), and no more leak at all. No prob.When assembling, there are 2 tiny little plugs you have to remove before attaching both hoses. Also no prob, but I thought the product was broken for a second because no water was coming out. Ezpz, and I bet it was in the instructions which I of course didn’t read lol.

  2. Zihao Ding

    I bought this pump four months ago around April 25. It is straightforward and simple to assemble and use. I used it to wash my car for three or four times. It stopped working last week when I tried to use it again. I checked all the leaks and connections and everything seems to be correct. My guess is probably the small engine has some issue.I then contacted the seller because it is already four months, which passes 90 days warranty. Surprisingly, the seller mailed me a new one in two days. This is really amazing customer support and warranty.

  3. scott

    For one it works for the price, two they tell you everything but the fact. It has PLUGS in the pump, hey Chinese manufacturer put in the Directions you HAVE PLUGS IN THE PUMP! Talk about a waste of time reading the directions, was completely useless.

  4. brian byrnes

    This product did not last a month. Used it three time and the plastic sprayer is cracked. Only used water through it so it’s not due to any chemical.

  5. travis

    I got this because I live in a townhouse and I don’t have an outdoor hose. I mountain bike a lot and need to keep my bikes clean without having to pay or spend time driving to take them to a self service car wash. The fact that this was designed for a car outlet was actually originally a downside, but it’s easy to find an adapter to plug into a wall, so now it’s actually pretty convenient that I can take it on the go also. The pressure is actually pretty impressive and the pressure switch works great to keep steady pressure without burning out the pump. It’s not nearly as high volume as a garden hose, but it has really good pressure. It’s been great for cleaning my bikes, and the adjustability on the nozzle lets you control the spray and pressure well. Only complaint is the actual lever on the sprayer is basically on or off, you can’t really control how much water is coming out and you’re only means to control pressure is by adjusting the nozzle. Works really well, and comes with everything you need.

  6. Rachel

    It definitely works, but the trouble you go through setting it up and storing each time makes it feel like more trouble than it’s worth. I find myself substituting it for other things just so I don’t have to go through the trouble of setting it up. Would definitely not buy again.

  7. Nicholas R. Pierce

    super convenient. not a ton of pressure or volume but it is a decent stream. very conservative on water with a decent jet stream for cleaning tools after a concrete truck has left. I’m in the process of adapting to run from a 20v dewalt battery with a 20v to 12v power converter and to have it run from a 5 gallon bucket for a water sprayer for running a bullfloat and other concrete related tasks.

  8. Jennifer S

    Mounted it on my boat. Works awesome.

  9. donkeh

    Wasn’t sure if it could handle 18v so I got a ryobi 12v step down. Would be better if the water intake was quick disconnect too. Can use any other sprayer, the one it comes with is cheap. I use for cleaning my split A/C, water not too powerful so it doesn’t make a big splash.

  10. Mark R Smith

    A great product, use this as a campsite trunk shower and bike wash kit.

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