Portable Camping Shower GEYSER SYSTEM


Fed up with showers that are inefficient and wasteful? Discover the portable shower that’s conscientious about your resource use and perfectly tailored for the wandering lifestyle. Two models to choose from, one with hot water in under 5 minutes. Just 3 liters of water deliver 15 minutes of cleansing time. Ideal for pets, utensils, and…

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GEYSER SYSTEM with Internal Heating: Experience the luxury of a warm shower in the remotest of locations with the GEYSER SYSTEM with Internal Heating. This portable shower system is designed for the outdoor aficionado who doesn’t want to compromise on comfort.

Key Features:

  • Built-In Heater: Heats water in 15–45 minutes to a pleasant 95°F.
  • Eco-Friendly: Uses less than 1 gallon of water for a 15-minute shower.
  • Intuitive Control: Adjustable water flow and an LED dashboard for ease of use.
  • Versatile Cleaning: Comes with a replaceable scrub sponge for personal and gear cleaning.
  • Power Efficient: Operates on a 12V power connection from your vehicle.

GEYSER SYSTEM without Internal Heating: For those who prefer simplicity and have access to pre-heated water, the GEYSER SYSTEM without Internal Heating offers the same great features without the built-in heater.

Key Features:

  • Manual Heating Flexibility: Add hot water from your camp stove for an instant shower.
  • Resourceful: A mere 3 liters of water provides up to 15 minutes of wash time.
  • Portable Design: Compact and easy to carry, perfect for all outdoor activities.
  • Power Requirement: Still needs a 12V connection for the water pump.

Both versions of the GEYSER SYSTEM provide an efficient and satisfying shower experience, ensuring you stay clean and refreshed on your outdoor adventures.


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Additional information


Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 18 in


Built-in Heater, Standard


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