Phone Mount Dash Anchor with 17mm Magnet Mount for Rivian R1T & R1S 2022-2024 – Mount Cell Phones, Tablets, Microphones, Radar Detectors and More with No Screws or Adhesives – Patent Pending


Fits Like a Glove: Rivian R1T & R1S Mount This [Black] phone mount from EveryAmp is custom-designed for the Rivian R1T and R1S (2022-2024). It installs easily behind your center display, expanding to lock securely in place. An adjustable depth feature ensures a perfect fit for your specific vehicle. This product is: Lightweight (0.1 kg)…

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Product Description

Rivian Dash Anchor with 17mm Ball mount

Securely Mount Accessories Without Screws or Adhesives

  • Patent-pending anchors expand to lock into place behind the screen and contract to remove with nothing left behind
  • Compatible with industry-standard 17mm or 25mm/1in/B-size arms, mounts, and other accessories
  • Anchors are Made in California with 3D-printed, high-temperature, PolyHex plastic
EveryAmp Dash Anchor for Rivian R1T & R1S

Mount on Either Side of the Screen

Mix and match anchors of any size on either or both sides of the screen.

Easy Installation and Removal

Rivian Dash Anchor Loosen Screw

Rivian Dash Anchor with 17mm Ball mount

Rivian Dash Anchor Tighten Screw

Rivian Dash Anchor Install Accessories

Step 1

Loosen the screw to release the anchor.

Step 2

On either side of the screen, slide the anchor into the channel until the anchor clicks into the notch.

Step 3

Tighten the screw to expand the anchor and lock it in place.

Note: If it doesn’t feel secure, go back to Step 1 and slide it farther in Step 2.

Step 4

Install your favorite mounts, arms, or other accessories as directed by their instructions.

For the 17mm magnet mount pictured, loosen the collar, press it onto the ball mount, and tighten the collar while holding the mount in the desired direction.


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Additional information


Weight 3.66 lbs
Dimensions 4.77 × 4.18 × 1.46 in
Package Dimensions

Item Weight

3.66 ounces




Date First Available

September 27, 2023



10 reviews for Phone Mount Dash Anchor with 17mm Magnet Mount for Rivian R1T & R1S 2022-2024 – Mount Cell Phones, Tablets, Microphones, Radar Detectors and More with No Screws or Adhesives – Patent Pending

  1. K. Patel

    Good quality, strong magnet. Overall very happy with the purchase. The price is high but with limited options and good quality, I feel it’s worth it.

  2. davinci

    It fits well where its supposed to. Seems secure and functions as needed. The plastic itself looks a bit cheap, like it was made with a 3D printer at home but not a big deal to me at all.

  3. Amazon Customer

    This mount stays in place and the magnetic ring holds the phone on even a bumpy road.

  4. Jay Myers

    I was looking for a “clean, minimalist” method to mount a phone on the dash of my RIVIAN R1S and found this product. I wondered how good a 3D printed part would look vs. an injection molded part, but once I received it, it was clearly more than good looking enough. I never had any doubt about it’s strength.The installation took seconds and went perfectly, just as the excellent printed and video tutorial instructions showed.This Dash Anchor plus the WixGear 17mm MagSafe iPhone holder do a perfect and good looking job of holding my phone in the right spot just to the right of the steering wheel and to the left of the Center Display.

  5. Hockeyfatigue

    Locked in solidly on driver’s side of center display. Strong magnet. Repeated use has not caused any loosening of the phone mount. Liked it so much I got one for the passenger side. Same positive result. Someone commented that they look so refined they appear to be OEM. Very nice.

  6. ron

    It does work and fit into place as described but the phone shakes to much for me and would prefer something more stable. Also sits very close to the screen causing my nuckle to hit the screenI even purchased the other arm at first that was way to close to the screen .

  7. Bard

    I originally started off with the anchor version of the product and installation went smoothly. Unfortunately the anchor with mount didn’t lift the phone high enough to be visible. A little more digging around got me to the arm version.Same quality. Just lifted higher! The phone now sits in a comfortable position where my phone can now act like a carplay monitor! I decided to get a green magsafe mount this time (different company) so that it goes with the forest edge interior since the phone is pretty much level with the dashboard.The -1 star is for installation. Unlike the anchor version, the arm one took a bit longer to lock in place. Pretty much had to jam it in all the way, almost to the point where it dug into the wood. In the end, still works as advertised!

  8. A. Morris

    I like that this mounts behind the central screen and requires no adhesives, so it can be removed without leaving a trace behind. It is a solid mount. I bought an extension arm, which points to about 2 o’clock from this mount and so only the very bottom left corner of my phone screen is blocked by the steering wheel and no part of the central display is blocked. With that arm and a spring-jaw phone holder, there is a little bit of shake on bumpy roads, but overall I’m super-happy with this set up. Pixel 4a.

  9. Mark Nyland

    Perfect mount
    Love this mount for my iPhone 14 Pro. Very similar positioning to the mount I had next to the screen in my Tesla. Need to look around the steering wheel a little but exactly what I was looking for to use Waze in my R1S. Well done

  10. Ken

    Very good

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