Naturnest Rooftop Tent Hard Shell, Nature Nest Roof Top Tent Hardshell Rooftop Tent For Van Jeep SUV Truck Car Tents For Camping Car Roof Tent Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Camping, 2-3 People Tent

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Special Feature Rainproof, UV Protection, Windproof, Snowproof, Pop Up Brand BAMACAR Occupant Capacity 3 Design Vehicle Mounted Tent Material nylon, aluminum, canvas Recommended Uses For Product Travelling, Camping & Hiking, Car Camping Product Dimensions 83″L x 51″W x 59″H Seasons 4 Season Color Black Sport Camping & Hiking Polyester 100% waterproof fabric 【Complete accessories /…









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Product Description

roof tents for camping


Waterproof rooftop tent

Do you know why you choose Bamacar Naturnest Rooftop Tent?

1.Our roof top tent adopts aerospace-grade aluminum for both its shell and edges, providing superior durability. In contrast. Other brand rooftop tents use aluminum only for the upper shell, with plastic corners, making them prone to aging, deformation, and issues with proper closure, leading to water ingress after multiple uses.

2.BAMACAR Naturnest tent is equipped with 2 luggage bars on the top, allowing you to carry more luggage, surfboards, bicycles, solar panels, and other equipment.

3.Bamacar Naturnest car tent is equipped with a 3-layer mattress with a total thickness of 6.5 CM: a 5-CM non-deformable soft mattress, a 1-CM waterproof condensation mattress, and a 0.5-CM ocean mattress.

4.BAMACAR Naturnest tent fabric uses polyester cloth, and the feel, quality, durability, and light-shielding properties of polyester cloth are far superior to Oxford cloth, and it can withstand long-term outdoor environment experience! Tents made of polyester cloth can greatly reduce your maintenance costs, protect your privacy, improve your outdoor experience, and extend the service life of your tent.

More Advantages Of Naturnest

rooftop tent pop up
bamacar roof top tent


Camping is where we find happiness in the beauty of nature, creating memories that outshine the stars in the night sky

Amidst the beauty of the outdoors, we uncover a world where memories are the treasures we take back home, painting our lives in vivid, wonderful colors.


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Additional information


Weight 172 lbs
Dimensions 83 × 51 × 59 in
Special Feature


Occupant Capacity



‎Vehicle Mounted Tent


Product Dimensions

‎83"L x 51"W x 59"H


‎4 Season



‎Camping & Hiking

Item Weight

‎172 Pounds

Age Range (Description)


Installation Type

Product Care Instructions

‎Machine Wash, Hand Wash

Included Components

Assembly Time

‎10 minutes

Pole Material Type



Closure Type

Number Of Doors


Fabric Type

‎Polyester, nylon-mesh, nylon

Floor Width

‎51 Inches

Floor Length

‎83 Inches

Water Resistance Technology


Maximum Height

‎59 Inches

Floor Area

‎4233 Square Inches

Base Material

‎Aluminum Base

Number Of Poles



Water Resistance Level


Assembly Required


Number of Windows


Number Of Pockets


Vehicle Service Type

Is Waterproof


Ultraviolet Light Protection

Form Factor


Item Dimensions LxWxH

Warranty Description

Model Name

Suggested Users

Number of Items

Part Number

Model Year



Date First Available

February 21, 2023



5 reviews for Naturnest Rooftop Tent Hard Shell, Nature Nest Roof Top Tent Hardshell Rooftop Tent For Van Jeep SUV Truck Car Tents For Camping Car Roof Tent Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Camping, 2-3 People Tent

  1. Amazon Customer

    Every once in a long while a product will so impress me that I feel compelled to write. The NaturNest (name which is on the product but not mentioned on website) roof top tent doesn’t have any reviews to date, and has important features which the vendor doesn’t mention in their descriptions.I purchased the NaturNest RTT 3 weeks ago and it was ready for delivery to my house by a very capable freight company in 6 days; I had to wait a week because I was out of town. Very fast delivery for an item of this size. My son and his friend helped me unbox the tent and hoist it onto my vehicle. It took 30 minutes from cutting open the box until we were completed and it was mounted; it was so easy and intuitive that there was never any need to consult the instructions. A few things caught my attention at this point; the packaging was excellent, with good padding. My tent arrived in perfect condition. Upon initial examination, it was clear this is a very well built product (more later). Included were several thoughtful touches I wasn’t expecting which made the initial presentation that much more exciting. First, just prior to mounting the tent, I was about to purchase an anti-condensation mat, which is an absolute requirement not to wake up dripping. Wasn’t I surprised when lifting the mattress to find a high quality mat already installed. That saved me $150 and a bunch of hassle. It’s not even mentioned as included on the listing page for the product. The second one was the stylish and useful bag that the mounting hardware and tools came in. I’ve never seen that before, they could have stuck it in a plastic bag like everyone else does. And to my real surprise when opening it I discovered a wrachet wrench included, which made tightening the hardware infinitely easier.I worried too that the NaturNest would be too tall to allow it to fit into my garage. Again, at only 9″ high and with low profile racks, I fit easily.Two hours after mounting I was off on a solo overland trip through the Anza Boreggo wilderness in Southern California. Every mile was ridden on very rough washes and cuts, a real test to the strength of the NaturNest. It was terrific (and quiet at highway speeds).Setup is a legitimate 60 seconds, takedown to latching 2 minutes, single handed. I laughed every time I did it, it took longer to set up my camp table. I’ve been tent camping for 55 years, and I finally tired of sleeping on the ground. The ease with which this product raises and lowers is fabulous. The fabric seem robust, the windows with screens and covers are very large. It was cold in the desert at night, and I kept things buttoned-up. I was very warm and comfortable. There is ample room for 2, and for one it’s enormous inside. All 3 nights I slept superbly. I might add another nice touch was the useful LED light which came with the unit. I hung it above my bed and was able to read with just using it. There are 10 storage pockets inside, only one of which I needed. I may also add that the fabric used for the body acts to black out the light, which I loved. When I camp, I have no reason to be up at dawn and I wasn’t. Nice touch (for me).I have only one complaint, and it is a small one. The tent comes with 2 large shoe bags which attach via a rubber rod through the guides on the side on the shell. The rod is too small and the bags would fall off. It wasn’t a big deal, a quick MacGyver solved it.The bottom of the unit is aluminum, the top a very robust fiberglass composite. The ladder is outstanding and I was secure using it at all times.As you can tell, after three days of use I am very satisfied. While there is no data on long term durability, my view of the build quality and materials used suggests a long life. One thing I will purchase from the vendor is a spare piston; always good to have one just in case.A few final thoughts: whichever factory in China built (and perhaps designed this) has extensive experience. This was no ones first effort. The product is too thoughtfully designed and built. I imagine this comes from the same factory which is producing units which cost 3x more than the NaturNest. Which ties in to why I bought it in the first place; I was looking at the industry leader, and their units cost $2,000 more than I paid for mine. I’m sure their unit is just as good, perhaps even better? But considering how well mine performed, I’ll put the money I saved towards more time in the outdoors.

  2. TURK

    Firstly: BamaCar took care of me. I ordered the basic model however they were out of stock so they shipped me the upgraded version. Superior customer service. Word or mouth will go a long ways.Secondly: The shipment arrived early and communication with this vender was second to none.Lastly: This Vender really care about their product by the way how they shipped their product. Well packaged. It worth the value compare to the what so called the “high end” rooftop tent. Save your hard earned money and get yourself this product; I bet you’re going love it.Installation was a breeze, perfect size for two, the mattress is comfortable.I highly recommend this product. Great value, fast shipping, awesome customer service and I love the low profile. This would be perfect for weekend camping.

  3. P. Lynch

    I bought this tent about a month ago, and have used it twice: once on a wild beach, and once in an open field next to woods. It’s installed on a 4Runner, using a BajaRack.- I have had no quality issues. Every looks fine, operates well. It deploys in a minute, and packs up in 2-3 minutes (less when I was not alone). Ladder works fine as well. I have not noticed any so-so stitching.- It survived high winds without an issue at the beach (20 mph, 30 mph gusts). Point the nose of the car towards the wind and all is good- The mattress is comfortable. I had brought inflatable air mattresses, but neither my partner or I were tempted to use them- The interior lighting works well, I wish i could dim it- It’s heavy to get up top of the car, but once it’s up there, install was easy (I had 3 friends to help, so that was quick). The included ratchet wrench was a nice touch- The interior pockets are really handy. The center transparent pocket fits my 12.9” iPad Pro, so my partner and I could watch movies lying on our backs and looking up at the ceiling.- It rained recently while I was driving home, so I will be able to check for water leakage when closed. If I got water, I will update this review. Silence will mean success- I was able to close the tent with the sleeping bags inside, but it was a super tight close, so I decided against it. The ladder easily fits inside thoughI was looking at $4000 tents before deciding to take a chance on this one because of the near-unanimous positive reviews. I am glad I did: I am super happy with this tent.

  4. db9

    This is the best hardshell rooftop tent. It’s everything that claims to be and more. Incredibly well made, comfortable and easy to install and use. I use it on my Jeep Gladiator and it’s perfect. Buying at rooftop tent? Then don’t even think about any other brand.

  5. Pete T.

    First off the experience with purchasing this tent could not be any better. I got an email within 30Minutes of placing my order thanking me for my purchase and laid out the next steps. The delivery company is the best in the business, shout out to Chester for delivering as promised and on time.Now delivery everything was well packaged and protected in its own crate. No dings or scratches just perfect right from the start. Installation went great, make sure you have a strong friend or two to help put on your vehicle.Next quality wow how the heck they can sale this for such a reasonable price. The fit and finish and all the nice touches do not disappoint. All of the storage pockets, the ease of set up and tear down are extremely quick. There is a bit of a learning curve figuring out what is best for your vehicle, but it takes only a few minutes and you will have it down. How the competition can sale their product for 3-4 times the price and not all made as well is beyond me.My best advice for this rooftop tent is BUY IT, start living your adventures and explore the great outdoors you will not be disappointed and may add years to your life. This is truly the greatest investment I have ever made. Thank you Naturnest I cannot wait to look at purchasing more of their products.

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