Latest Version 2024 2023 2022 Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Side Organizer Storage Boxes with Lids, Side Storage Protector Packets, Storage Bins for Model Y (5-Seater) Interior Accessories


Brand OtriFowd Color Black Material TPE Special Feature Portable Opening Mechanism Lift-Off Lid 【Upgraded Version】 Exclusively available for Fremont and Austion Build After July 2022, 2023 & 2024 Model Y. Products are exclusively by Otrifowd ONLY. 【Customized Design】Custom designed Rear Trunk Side Storage Bins for Tesla Model Y. Perfectly compatible with Tesla model Y 2022…

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High-quality TPE material storage, waterproof and dustproof, no longer worry about liquid dirtying your Tesla.



The TPE material has good flexible&friction, reduce collisions when the car is in motion and protecting the items in the Tesla trunk storage bin.



The lid is designed with single-sided flocking, which is non-slip and dirt-resistant, similar in appearance to the trunk of the original car.



Two deep grooves easier to clean than before(Just need a wet cloth) Easy to take out the storage and put it in, protects the cleanliess of the car.

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OtriFowd Tesla Trunk Storage Bins provide you with the best organized space

  • Customized for Tesla Model Y Trunk
  • The 2 levels TPE plastic bins slip into the left and right trunk cavities allowing you to stow items.
  • Great accessories for your Tesla Model Y 2022 2023.
  • Fitment: Tesla Model Y (5 Seater)



Why OtriFowd Tesla Model Y Trunk Storage Bins?

  • Maximize Use of Space
  • The best TPE materials you could ever have.
  • Matching carpeted lids blend into the trunk for expanded space in the cargo area.

Which version should I choose for my Model Y (5-Seater)?

For the Model Y (5-seater) built in Fremont and Austin and delivered after July 2022, please select the latest version. For the Model Y (5-seater) built in Fremont and Austin and delivered before July 2022, please choose the 2021 version.

What should I do if I am unable to properly install the product?

Contact OtriFowd anytime; we are here to assist!


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Additional information


Weight 6.09 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 14 × 14 in



Special Feature

Opening Mechanism

‎Lift-Off Lid


Number of Items

Number of Compartments


Unit Count

‎2.0 Count

Item Package Quantity

Part Number

Item Weight

‎6.09 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎13 x 14 x 14 inches

Item model number




Number Of Pieces


Mounting Type

Special Features




Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?



Date First Available

November 8, 2022



10 reviews for Latest Version 2024 2023 2022 Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Side Organizer Storage Boxes with Lids, Side Storage Protector Packets, Storage Bins for Model Y (5-Seater) Interior Accessories

  1. Allison

    These fit PERFECTLY in my 2023 Austin built Model Y (delivered in late Jan 23). I think people are struggling with the passenger side bin- you really do have to push the bottom down all the way. There is a lip in the rear of the compartment that the top edge of bin needs to sit below. Once you push it down all the way so that the top of the bin is below this lip then it’s installed correctly.Lids also sit in place well and do not obstruct the opening/closing of the subtrunk cover (I also have an all weather rubber lining in my trunk and am able to remove and replace the lids with this in place).I had previously purchased similar bins from Tesla that didn’t fit right so I am glad to have found these! They look great and seem to be very similar quality to the Tesla bins.

  2. Kindler

    I previously bought the trunk storage bins from Tesla because I wanted to make sure that they fit perfectly. The left-side bin was so easy to install, but the right-side bin was not. No matter how hard I tried, the Tesla bin would not fit the spot for it. After a Tesla technician came to my house to install the bin and also failed to do so, I had no recourse but to return the bins. Returning items to Tesla is a pain in the neck, but I managed to get free shipping and no restocking fee of 15 percent.Now, this pair of bins from Otrifowd is a god-send. I was able to install both of them so easily and they fit perfectly in the trunk slots. If you own a 2023 Tesla Model Y (Fremont build) and you want the trunk storage bins, the Otrifowd bins is a perfect fit. It looks OEM and the straps are handy to pull out the cover, unlike the Tesla bins which didn’t have the straps and only have the cut-out on the corner.

  3. KMB

    Don’t hesitate to buy these bins if you need them for your Tesla. To easily place them, fill with hot water for 10 or so minutes prior to install to make the plastic more malleable. Fit like a dream then!

  4. AndyWooZ32

    The rubberized containers that fit perfectly in the trunk wells are great. Instructions are clear and it’s an easy install. The two top felt covers for the containers are also great. They almost match the factory color perfectly. It’s slightly darker but you barely notice it. The rubber was slightly bent at the corners where the lip is thinner. I am hoping that over time it will flatten out. But with the lid on, you don’t even notice it. The 4 star versus 5 is a nit pick because of the slightly bent rubber lips at the corners where it is thinner and the slight off match in lid color versus the rest of the trunk area. Both are admittedly very minor items. Not sure if rubber lip was bent because of how they packed it, or it came out of the mold that way. I am guessing the former.

  5. Gabru

    I have a 2023 Model Y and these fit like a glove. Follow the instructions for the right hand side, it has to go under the right side trim area.I really like the covers on these, they are nice and thick and match the oem carpeting.These bins are nice and deep, provide ample storage. But most of all, make the trunk area level so that things don’t roll around and fall into these side slots.Very good build quality. Definitely recommend.

  6. JiGGzUP

    Saw this mentioned in a tesla group and it’s true!The inserts are flexible, yet rigid and maintains its shape. The carpeted covers aren’t an exact match but definitely close enough to the OEM.The “pull tabs” are secured with a rivet vs. being stitched in; which I think is definitely a good thing. (See my 5th picture)I had no problem installing (even on the right side) and everything fit flush easily with no deformities/folding on the inserts.I also like that they are packaged in a box to prevent the inserts getting possibly deformed during transit. No instructions are included, but it’s not hard to sort out.Until Tesla decides to start offering an OEM version of this and you want it now; I recommend this version.Hope you find this review helpful in your purchasing decision!

  7. Eric E.

    We bought these for our Model Y after a bag of asparagus accidentally fell into the side trunk well. It started smelling, and we were shocked to find it there. We bought these trunk organizers to cover up the “hole” and prevent that from happening again. The organizer fits perfectly into the space, and the cover blends perfectly with the rest of the trunk space. It looks like a Tesla proprietary product, even though it is not. I would definitely recommend it to others who want a good organizer for their Model Y.

  8. DJ

    UPDATE: I returned the defective package and received a replacement from Amazon. The replacement bin has the correct left and right bin covers. I’ve raised my rating from 2 to 3 stars. The right bin basket is still not as good a fit as the left one. New bins came full of some sort of manufacturing dust coating on the inside which had to be cleaned out prior to installation. However, I will keep the set. Company needs better quality control in their packaging and new bin cleaning department. Package had two left side lids versus a left and right side. Meant right side bin lid won’t fit. Despite what seller says about fitting Fremont Model Y’s, the right side bin is still not a great fit and takes a lot of pushing down and out to install. It leaves a quarter-inch gap between the top of the lid and the surrounding car surface. Left side bin and lid fit perfectly. One bin was dirty inside and required cleaning. I could live with this setup if they got the lids right.Returning for a replacement. If it fits correctly, I’ll update my rating.

  9. Marc Wexler

    They were fairly simple to install…but it took a couple of tries to get it right. The covers make for a very clean look. I probably appreciate the covers more than anything. I’m trying not to over-accessorize the car, but this one was worthwhile.

  10. Rick

    I can confirm w/100% certainty this fits 7 seater Model Y. I have a Fremont build so I can’t attest for Austin models. I did have an issue getting them in at first but once you find the appropriate angle of approach they just fall right in. Once the right side is in just push down on the base and the side to the exterior wheel pops under the lip of the trim. My only complaint is the left side sits about an 1/8th of an inch higher than the sub trunk cover but it’s not noticeable if you have a cargo mat.

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