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Kabari Lite Roof Top Tent: Compact, Lightweight, and Adventure-Ready The Kabari Lite joins the Kabari family as the compact and lightweight option […]

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Kabari Lite Roof Top Tent: Compact, Lightweight, and Adventure-Ready

The Kabari Lite joins the Kabari family as the compact and lightweight option for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend camping trip or a longer adventure, this clam-style hard shell roof top tent has you covered. Here’s what makes it special:

  1. Fast and Easy Deployment: Set up and pack away the tent quickly, allowing for hassle-free camping experiences. No more wrestling with complicated setups!
  2. ECO13B Fabric: Crafted from 23Zero’s eco-friendly ECO13B fabric, the Kabari Lite combines sustainability with comfort. Explore the great outdoors while minimizing your environmental impact.
  3. Light Suppression Technology (LST): Say goodbye to unwanted light disturbances during your slumber. The LST ensures a dark and restful sleeping environment, so you wake up refreshed and ready for adventure.
  4. Low Profile Design: The Kabari Lite’s sleek profile improves aerodynamics and reduces wind resistance. Plus, it looks stylish atop your vehicle.
  5. Dual USB Lights: Illuminate your tent with two USB-powered LED light strings. Choose between white and orange light options, and position them wherever you need using the versatile hook and loop design. (Note: Power supply not included.)
  6. Self-Deploying Rain Canopy: No more manual rainfly setup! The Kabari Lite features a self-deploying rain canopy, keeping you dry even during unexpected showers.
  7. Smart Organization: Stay organized with a six-pocket gear ceiling gear loft and two side gear pockets. Your camping essentials have their designated spots.
  8. Two Boot Bags: Conveniently store your shoes or other gear in the included boot bags. Keep the interior tidy and clutter-free.
  9. Sleeps Two Adults Comfortably: The Kabari Lite provides a cozy sleeping space for two adults. Rest well after a day of outdoor exploration.
  10. Awning Bracket Compatibility: Want extra shade? Purchase the compatible awning bracket separately and mount an awning on the tent’s frame.


  • Weight: Lighter than the original Kabari
  • Footprint: Smaller, making it easier to transport and store
  • Ladder Storage: Remember to store the ladder outside the tent during transit

Get ready for unforgettable camping experiences with the Kabari Lite—a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures! 🏕️🌟


  • Sleeping Capacity: 2 Adults
  • Sleeping Footprint: 46” W x 80” L
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Mattress: 2” Rebound Foam with removable quilted cotton topper in orange
  • Peak Internal Height: 54“ H
  • Dimensions Open (Interior): 46” W x  80” L x 54” H
  • Number of Entrances: 3 total
    • One over-ladder U-shaped main entrance 43” W x 36” H with self-deploying rainfly canopy
    • Two N-shaped windows (optional side entrances)  41” W x 30” H
    • Entrance and window closures with PVC toggle and loop fasteners


  • Recommended Racks: 190 lbs Dynamic Rated Rack
  • Dimensions Closed (Exterior): 50” W (52” from strut to strut) x 83.5” L (86.5” including handle) x  7.5” H (9” including mounting rails )
  • Dimensions Open (Exterior): 52” W x 86.5 L x 61.5” H
  • Ideal Crossbar Spacing:  31.25” from center to center. In-set 9” from tent edge
  • Mounting Rail Length:  81” (there are two)
  • Accessories Weight Capacity: Not recommended
  • Tent Weight: with ladder – 174 lbs, without ladder 160 lbs


  • 4 Season


  • External Color: Black & 23ZERO Green (Olive)
  • Internal Frame Material: Two struts and  3/4” round aluminum tubing jointed to 3/16 steel internal hinges
  • Tent Body Fabric: ECO13B Fabric (900D Polyester with Light Suppression Technology (LST))
  • Mattress Cover Material: Removable orange insulated cotton-poly topper
  • Mosquito Screen: Black polyester mesh
  • Ladder: 7’ telescoping ladder in black with a carrying case
  • Outer Hard-Shell: 14 GA aluminum hard-shell, semi-textured high-gloss black finish
  • Closing strap:1” x 64”  Nylon webbing
  • Latches: Two adjustable over-center toggle latches with lock hole
  • Ladder: The tent is designed for the ladder to be stored outside the tent


  • Two Boot bags
  • Two 60” USB 5V LED with two light settings – white and orange. Attached via hook and loop
  • Six pocket gear loft ceiling organizer attached via hook & Loop
  • Two attached internal gear pockets


  • Awning Bracket


  • 270° Peregrine Awning
  • 180° Peregrine Awning
  • 180° Compact Peregrine Awning
  • Kestrel Shower Enclosure

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Weight 209 lbs


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