Glass Roof Sunshade for R1S, Sunroof Covers Compatible with Rivian R1S Accessories 2022 2023 2024, UV Blocking Heat Insulation Sun Shade for 1st, 2nd and 3 Row – 2PCS (Black)


Brand Klutchtech Color black Vehicle Service Type Passenger Car Closure Type Buckle [R1S GLASS ROOF SUNSHADES]: Designed specifically for the R1S, these shades easily mount to glass skylights, providing a custom, seamless look. It can perfectly matches the aesthetics of your vehicle while effectively reducing glare and improving visibility. It is a worthy R1S accessories.…

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glass roof sunshade for r1s

glass roof sunshade for r1s


glass roof sunshade for r1s

glass roof sunshade for r1s


glass roof sunshade for r1s

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Weight 3.05 lbs
Dimensions 23.54 × 15.3 × 2 in

Item Weight

‎3.05 pounds

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Date First Available

October 11, 2023



7 reviews for Glass Roof Sunshade for R1S, Sunroof Covers Compatible with Rivian R1S Accessories 2022 2023 2024, UV Blocking Heat Insulation Sun Shade for 1st, 2nd and 3 Row – 2PCS (Black)

  1. Redmond Chad

    These sunshades were installed in a 2023 Rivian R1S.WHAT I LIKE:- easy to fold and unfold (not dead simple, but as easy as I’ve experienced with foldy shades)- they come with a nice bag for storage- easy to put the clips on, then they can stay on the shade even when you remove it. There is a trick, as the wires in the shades aren’t round ones that pop in to the clips straight on. The wires are rectangular, so hold the clip at an angle, slip the bottom hook over the wire, then use the long edge of the clip to lever up over the top of the wire. The rear shade wire is small enough this is no big deal, but this method makes it MUCH easier to get the clips on the front shade than trying to push them straight on.- very easy to install the rear shade; fairly easy to install the front shade- a pretty decent fit, given that Rivian doesn’t seem to have designed for these (or if they did, their manufacturing tolerances aren’t that great as the space available for the clips seems to vary quite a bit)- very easy to remove- with the tight mesh and silvered top, they block a lot of light and I suspect they will block a lot of heat – which is the whole reason I bought them. Unfortunately I live near Seattle and it’s winter, so we’re not currently getting a lot of bright sun to test them withWHAT I DON’T LIKE:- no instructions came in the box. But this is really minor; online it says how to fold them, and the clips and installation are reasonably obvious- one corner of the front shade doesn’t fit up against the glass on my car unless I force it in and then the sides bow; in has to hang down a bit on the microfiber trim surrounding the glass. It’s not a lot and not very noticeable; and it’s at least as likely to be Rivian’s tolerances as the shade’s so you may not see this. I think that is what is causing the wrinkles at the rear of the front shade (shown in a photo)- they block a LOT of light. I’ve included a picture outside where you can see the sky through the glass with no shade, but you can’t see anything through the shaded glass. And pictures inside that show a fluorescent ceiling light both with and without the shade. You can tell the interior is darker as soon as you get in. Of course this can also be seen as a good omen for how much sun they will block in the summer. But in winter you may want to store the shades rather than leave them in the car. At least that’s not a major job; in fact I already do that with the shades in my wife’s car even though her shades do not block as much light.

  2. M. W.

    This product asking price is $72 as of writing, it is a “custom fit” for R1S, but for this premium price, customer would expect a perfect fit in order to justify the $72 for two sunshades. Unfortunately it is not 100% perfect fit, but I will consider it is still “usable”, and able to block over 90% of direct sunshine and UV, until there is better product on the market.The rear shade, or the 3rd row one, is more close to 100% fit, though there is still a small gap, I would consider it is “good enough” or “close enough”.However, the main, the bigger one, which covering the 1st and 2nd row, this shade is NOT able to fit the frame snugly. At least it is going to take more time to make a better fit, but still unable to make it fits without gap.What I observed is that, the dimension is just off, not a single issue of longer or wider, dimension is just off. In simple terms, if you try to make a perfect fit of the length, there will be gaps in the width, if you try to make a perfect fit of the width, there will be gaps in the length. There will be always gaps in either side, no matter how you squeeze it or twist the shape.The last good thing is that, in some way, I can make it “hang” on the frame, yes, there are gaps, but at least it is blocking over 90% of direct sunshine and UV.It comes with a storage bag, nice to fold and store it probably during cooler seasons like winter, early spring or late fall to enjoy the cool sunshine.If you are chasing after a perfect fit/product, either wait or look for another product, or get a tint.If blocking majority of the sunshine/UV is more important, the premium cost is acceptable to you, and you can take the gaps as well, then this product works, and it can “hanging” there without falling down, at least.

  3. M Luther

    I’ve seen these sunshades for a while now but never as a 2-piece set that would also cover the rear sunroof so kudos to this seller for finally offering this set. The material facing the inside of the cabin is nice and matches well with the material used on the headliner of our R1S. The exterior facing material has a nice reflective quality.The set comes with plastic clips to hold these in place. There are no instructions but after realizing that the frame stitched into each of these isn’t round, it was pretty easy to figure out how to get the clips to kind of snap into place by starting off about 90 degrees to one side and rotating down around the frame. After figuring out how many clips I’d been given and placing them about eveningly around the perimeter of each shade, I was able to install both without assistance. It did take a little adjustment to get everything to fit perfectly but once done, there were absolutely no gaps with everything fitting tightly against the roof glass and up against the headliner around the perimeter. It’s not perfectly smooth but I’m thinking that I can make further adjustments or perhaps just a nice warm day will tighten things up but honestly, it’s minor and if I weren’t looking for issues to comment upon for this review it wouldn’t even be worth mentioning.I have no doubt that on hot summer days that these are going to substantially reduce the amount of heat in the cabin. One thing I didn’t think about, but now that I have these installed it’s actually pretty huge for my wife and I when driving, the amount of glare on the screens has been dramatically reduced. There were times that the screens were basically unusable they were so washed out from the sun coming through the roof glass.This set does come with a storage bag but honestly, I think that it will actually be quite rare when we remove these sunshades. The reduction in glare and heat are just too important to us.

  4. S.D.B.

    I got this and lost the instructions. I tried to install the clips into the Rivian’s header and promptly lost one of the clips into oblivion. So don’t do this. The clips snap onto the shade itself. It is easiest to insert the clip from the bottom, 90 degrees off plane, then rotate the clip up until the top snaps in and it’s parallel to the shade.Also, the width front to back is slightly different, so if it doesn’t fit one way, try the other. Regardless, the front shade was a bit too long and I couldn’t get the rear clips to seat as shown in my pictures.The rear shade fits tightly and is a just a bit too big, but it can be popped into the frame without much problem.The rear part of the front shade isn’t too noticeable. Once I took the rear clips off, it looks fine. Only you will know that it isn’t perfect, but you will know, so I took off one star.

  5. E. Lee

    Got this in hopes to finally have a roof glass shade that covers both the front and back glass.First installed the back because it’s smaller and easier. I was a little disappointed when there were noticeable gaps between the edge of the shade and the car chassis.I then went to the front and it didn’t fit at all on the first try. The shade was too long and wide. They give you clips to use, I assume it was for the front and the back. After taking it down and going at it again, I did get it to fit. I’m not sure if there’s an issue with front vs. back (I would think not since it is a rectangle) but the bulges I originally saw and had an issue with, if you use the clips right, should push towards the outter perimeter to get a good seal around it.Oddly enough the front part that I had major issues (originally gave 1* because it didn’t fit) ended up being better than other ones i’ve seen.I’m still decrementing 1* because of the two reasons:1) not as intuitive as I would expect2) the rear panel still had gaps that were noticeable. Picture uploaded

  6. Joel

    Love my EV but don’t love all the glass roofs. On hot days, I used to be able to feel the heat on my scalp but after setting these up, I don’t feel it as much unless the vehicle has been sitting in the hot sun for long periods of time. I would say they are worth it over having to pay for expensive tint.

  7. Ryoga

    It covers the top so sun doesn’t come into the car during the summer. It provides more shade when the sun is out so it doesn’t glare at you or the kids in the back seats. Great for protecting them from the UV light.

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