GearIT 50-Amp Extension Cord for RV and EV (50 Feet) 4-Prong 250-Volt, Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y, NEMA 14-50P to 14-50R 6/3, 8/1 STW AWG Gauge Outdoor Auto Power Cord


Color Green Brand GearIT Connector Gender Male-to-Female Voltage 250 Volts Input Current 50 Amps Power Up With A Truly Reliable Extension Cord – Trust your energy needs to GearIT’s exceptionally dependable 50-Amp Extension Cord for RVs, motorhomes, EVs, and generators. Crafted for strength and performance, sturdy connectors are male-to-female and the cord is rated for…

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Product Description

50 Amp Extension Cord for RV EV

RV and EV 50 amp extension cord

14-50P and 14-50R Plugs

This 50 amp power cord features a 4 prong plug with the NEMA 14-50 specification, fitted with ergonomic handles that allow a firm connection that won’t come loose, while remaining easy to remove without too much effort. With thoughtful design and rugged construction, this cord is built to last.

50 Amp Extension Cord for RV EV

50 Amp / 125 or 250 Volt / Up to 12500 Watt

With multiple length options, this heavy-duty 50 amp RV and EV extension cord has a capacity of up to 250 Volts and 12500 Watts, carried over premium oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire for strong, consistent current while charging your vehicle quickly.

RV and EV 50 amp extension cord

RV and EV 50 amp extension cord

Weather Resistant for Outdoor Use

Whether it’s for your daily commute or a road trip, your RV and EV needs to charge reliably, every time. That requires a power cord that can stand up to the elements, from heat and cold to wet and snowy conditions, and that’s why this 50 amp extension cord is made for extended use outdoors.

Works With Generators and Outlets

50 Amp Extension Cord for RV EV

Connect to Generators

Each end of this 50 amp power cord features a 4 prong plug with the NEMA 14-50 specification, compatible with standard plugs on many generators.

50 Amp Extension Cord for RV EV

Charging Stations

This extension cord is also compatible with 14-50 plugs at many charging stations and campgrounds, great for charging your EV on the go or powering your RV.


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Additional information


Weight 38.4 lbs
Dimensions 16.7 × 16.1 × 6.4 in


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Package Dimensions

Item Weight

38.4 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

November 14, 2020

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10 reviews for GearIT 50-Amp Extension Cord for RV and EV (50 Feet) 4-Prong 250-Volt, Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y, NEMA 14-50P to 14-50R 6/3, 8/1 STW AWG Gauge Outdoor Auto Power Cord

  1. B. Family

    We purchased this to keep and use at a family member’s house. They have a NEMA 14-50 Outlet but it’s near the front of their garage. This means my mobile connector won’t reach and we can’t plug anything in until we play some musical chairs with our vehicles. Well, that’s where this GearIT 50-Amp Extension Cord comes into place. It’s great and allows me to plug in my EV’s mobile connecter while not having to move or shuffle any vehicles.The cable is extremely well built. We love that it has handles for easy installation. It’s thick, real thick and that’s reassuring because 250 volts and 50 amps is nothing to scoff at. But the thickness does make things difficult. It’s stiff and coiling it for storage can be, a pain. It’s also heavy. Part of that is required to support the current but it makes it impractical to keep in you vehicle. We can also add that the bright color is nice as it helps to make sure it’s visible and those walking around are less likely to trip over it. Since it’s so stiff, there’s often loops that don’t lay flat. We got this for our EV but it could probably be used wherever a 14-50, 50 amp extension cord is needed.

EV Used With: 2023 Tesla Model YCharger Used With: Tesla Mobile ConnectorPros:- Extremely well built- Easy to plug in and out with built in handle- High visibility to reduce the risk of trippingCons:- Heavy and impractical to keep in you vehicle- Stiff and can be difficult to manipulate- It’s a bit pricyWould I recommend this item to a friend? Sure would. If you have the need for a 14-50, 50 amp extension cord, this is a great option.

  2. Love2Shop

    Thick protection and quality plugs. I use it as an extension cord for my 50 A kiln.

  3. Andrew O

    I use it to chrarge my Tesla and it works perfectly.

  4. eleibs

    Seems rugged. And works.First impression is that it arrives coiled and is so stiff that it does not uncoil easily.So the 15 foot extension adds maybe 6 feet.I expect that once it straightens it will be exactly what I wanted.

  5. Gordon Maupin

    I needed a 240v 50 amp extension to charge my new electric vehicle. When I built my house in anticipation of getting an EV, I installed a 240v 50amp outlet in the garage. It was located in the back of the garage. The car came with a charger, but the charge port is on the back of the car. Its cord would only reach if I pulled uncomfortably close to the wall nearly blocking the door into the house. This cord solved the problem. The cord is flexible and feels heavy duty. The sockets work fine. They do not feel warm or show any issues of concern.

  6. Miro

    This is a sturdy cord, mostly exactly as described. I really have no issues with it. I use it to charge my Tesla Model Y, with the 14-50 Tesla adapter and the tesla charger. Everything fits together snuggly in that regard, with the connections from this cord not loose, and come apart with a firm but not difficult pull. The integrated handles on the connectors are actually useful.The cord is green, a unique color from most black cords out there. I got it because I thought it would be trendy and neat. Indoors I think it would be. But I’ve got mine running outside near my house, and it is quite bright and catches the eye. I probably should have got a black cord to be less visible. It doesn’t really blend with grass if thats the intent, it is brighter. It’s otherwise a nice bright green though.The cord comes in a coil. It is heavy and thick, and sturdy; not cheap feeling at all. I doubt I could damage this thing if I tried. However once you want it to run straight, for a distance, it retains that coiled and resembles an old school coiled telephone cord. I tried to undo the coiling toward the ends by reversing the twist, and made some progress but its a heavy cord and eventually I just made it worse. I doubt this thing will ever be straight. If it was, it probably would make it harder to gather then. It’s thick, heavy. If you’re storing it in a box or inside, you probably want it coiled anyway. I’d say its hard to manage in that sense, but 50ft is a long wire for these things too.May consider getting a 30ft black one in future, and see if I can manage the distance with that. Glad I didn’t overdo it and go for the 75ft to have some extra!EDIT:Have had this thing a year now, running outside from 50amp outlet to mobile charger most of that time. The bright green color has definitely faded to a very muted green color from the sun/elements. The tight coiling has loosened a little. Overall it handles very well and never had any issues charging Tesla or warnings about voltage, not once. It’s been through rain and snow, and charges great. Connections are tight and no issues with the elements.

  7. Ta Le

    Sturdy and durable. Use it for a couple weeks to charge EV in front of the garage. Easily takes 40 amp continues current with no sign of overheating. I am very pleased with this product.

  8. Phil Blaze

    This is exactly what I needed. Yes it’s thick and heavy, that’s how it’s suppose to be.

  9. Amazon Customer

    this cord will be a lifesaver for anyone that drives a Tesla or any other electric car because it get you out of a bind if you’re ever stuck for a charge and there is no charging stations around discord will give you an opportunity to be able to plug the car into a 220 outlet to get you maximum charging time! Never leave home on a long journey without this cord! It can really save you from being stuck somewhere!

  10. Christophe Ménard

    Good cable
    Excellent cable

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