CCS1 to Tesla Adapter, Portable Super Charger for Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y 250KW CCS1 to Tesla Charger Adapter Compatible with Level 3 Fast Charging Station with CCS Plug

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Brand EVDANCE Connectivity Technology CCS1 to Tesla Charger Connector Type CCS1 to Tesla Charger Compatible Devices Tesla Model 3 Y S X Included Components A CCS1 to Tesla Charger Adapter Special Feature 250 KW Charging Rate, Fast Charging Color Black Input Voltage 1000 Volts Amperage 500 Amps Total USB Ports 1 Fast Charging: The 250KW…

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Product Description

EVDANCE CCS Adapter – Fast Charging Your Tesla


On long trips or when you’re pressed for time, you’ll probably want a faster charge to get where you’re going.

DC fast charging can deliver 100 RPH or more, EVDANCE CCS adapter support up to 250kW, Full-speed Charging your Tesla to 80 percent in 30 minutes.

Use in Any Climate


Stays protected from any weather and climate conditions, the CCS to Tesla adapter can work from -22°F to 122°F with IP65 dust & waterproof suitable for outdoor charging.

Made of Premium Materials


Long-lasting Lifespan

After more than 10,000 times plug in and unplug tests, Evdance CCS adapter can still work normally.


Drop Resistance

Passed the 1 meter drop test, the sturdy material can withstand accidental drop the adapter.


Sturdy Exterior Casing

Sturdy exterior casing and extension cord can endure 4400lbs load pressure.


Dependable FCC&CE Certified

Reliable FCC&CE certification and industry-leading 12 months manufacturer.



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Additional information


Weight 1.87 lbs
Dimensions 5.94 × 5.75 × 4.09 in

Item Weight

‎1.87 pounds

Package Dimensions

Country of Origin

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Special Features

‎250 KW Charging Rate, Fast Charging





Date First Available

June 12, 2023



10 reviews for CCS1 to Tesla Adapter, Portable Super Charger for Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y 250KW CCS1 to Tesla Charger Adapter Compatible with Level 3 Fast Charging Station with CCS Plug

  1. William J.

    Allowed me to use a CCS level 3 charger with my tesla

  2. Karan Nischal

    The media could not be loaded.

    Very easy to use Tesla CCS adapter works great. Now I have more option to charge my Tesla. Love this adapter.

  3. Scott Debb

    The CCS plug is heavy and this adapter isn’t strong enough to handle the weight. The connection could not be established, getting at multiple ccs spots. Others might have had success charging, but not me (2022 Tesla model 3)

  4. C

    It has the pin of destiny. Ok, it has the plastic pin that is easy to break off that half of these simply omit. There are three kinds of these in my experience. You have 150kW with the pin, 250kW with the pin, and 250kW without the pin. I guess there might be 150kW versions with the pin out there, but I’ve never seen one. Most of them seem to come from the same exact factory in the same exact packaging with the same exact design. This one actually comes in different packaging and looks a little different from all the rest. Does that make any difference? Well, in my experience, no. It works exactly the same as every other one I’ve tested.I tested this the same way I test them all. I have several because my genius cousin has lost THREE of them, and there are entirely too many Teslas on my farm. Anyway, I took this out to the nearest Electrify America, plugged in my Aunt’s new Model X, went into a nearby store, goofed off for a half an hour or so, and came back to a fully charged Model X. I did check that the car was CCS compatible before I did this, and it was, although the Tesla website said it wasn’t, which makes no sense. So, it works fine.One thing I’ve noticed with these is that it’s best to plug the adapter into the charger, then plug the whole thing into the car. That always seems to work. Plugging the adapter into the car and then the charger into the adapter can sometimes confuse the car.

  5. Peter

    1st usage fine. 2nd usage, would not connect charging station to car. No connectivity.

  6. Tech Toys and More

    This is something I’ve been looking for, having another adapter besides the j1172, the CCS1 adapter let me have another option to charge especially when traveling. Can’t wait to use it on electrify america. It would really be nice if it included a pouch or a case so it can be stored properly when not in use but other that, its a great item to have on hand.

  7. Bìheo

    This adapter has given me additional fast charging options beyond the Tesla network of supercharging stations. We have a model 3 and a model Y and this adapter works great at Volta DC fast charging station. Even more awesome is the 30 minutes of free charging at 150kW Volta station when we go shopping at a near-by grocery store. Pulling this adapter out and snap it on the CCS1 charging head , then inserting it into our model Y or 3 for fast charging. It works the same but at a fraction of the cost if we were to buy one. Recommend Tesla owners to have one for easy and fast charging for their cars.

  8. T G

    Great build quality 👍. Works as it should, no issues so far. Recommend 👍

  9. Brandi Cambric

    Perfect fit and easy to use on the other chargers. These charger adapters are quality products. Great Buy.

  10. John H.

    Tesla has the best charging network out there, but even Tesla doesn’t have complete coverage everywhere you want to go. CCS chargers are fast. And this adapter allows you to use those third party, non Tesla chargers. I tested this alongside around 4 other ones I have. I tested at night with no other cars charging. They all charged within a tight range which could be explained by normal variance.This is high quality and the material is very sturdy. This adapter should last as long as CCS is a standard before everything switches over, I believe, to Tesla’s at some point.

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