Campstream One – For Rivian R1T, R1S and Tesla Model 3 (Cybertruck Coming Soon)


The Campstream One is a game-changer for car camping. This compact AC adapter connects to your EV and delivers temperature-regulated air directly to your ground tent or rooftop tent. Say goodbye to uncomfortable nights and hello to a cozy, comfortable camping experience. Stay longer, sleep better, and enjoy the convenience of recharging your devices effortlessly.…


Transform your camping experience with Campstream One: the ultimate upgrade for your electric vehicle campsite. Say farewell to cramped tents and welcome a new era of outdoor adventures, accessible wherever your journey takes you.

Envision this: The refreshing zephyr of the mountains by daylight, and the cozy embrace of starlit warmth by night. Secure in your rooftop tent, ground tent, or camper trailer, you’ll enjoy tranquil slumber and boundless exploration, all energized by your electric vehicle. Campstream One revolutionizes your camping experience, converting your EV’s climate system into a luxurious retreat amidst nature.

Forget about enduring:

  • Sweltering heat during summer evenings or freezing in the wintry outdoors in your:
    • Rooftop tent: Relish the panorama in absolute comfort.
    • Ground tent: Forge a snug hideaway, shielded from the outdoor harshness.
    • Camper trailer: Elevate your mobile comfort to unprecedented heights.

Campstream One delivers pristine, temperature-controlled air (warm or cool!) straight to your selected abode, with seamless control right from your smartphone. Experience the true essence of camp mode, as it should be.

Bid adieu to:

  • Restless nights in any shelter
  • Brief getaways constrained by the whims of the weather ☀️❄️
  • Power shortages for your gadgets

And welcome:

  • Peaceful rest throughout the seasons, no matter where you set up camp
  • Prolonged excursions into the wild, impervious to weather conditions
  • Convenient power-ups for all your devices (and keeping your social media lively!)

Campstream One is more than just camping; it’s a revolution in EV camping. Be part of the #campstream movement and power up your adventures with #AdventureRecharged!


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Rivian R1S, Rivian R1T, Tesla Model 3 (non-Highland)


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