Bulldogology Dog Cargo Liner – SUV Trunk Protector – Waterproof Nonslip Mat (Large, Black) Fits Rivian R1S

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Bulldogology Heavy Duty Dog Cargo Liner – Keeps Your Car Clean! (Large, Black) Protect Your Car from Anything Your Dog Throws at It This Bulldogology cargo liner is built for all your messy adventures with your furry friend. The heavy-duty, 2x stitched quilted material shields your car from: Hair Muddy paws Scratches Spills Debris And…

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SUV Dog Cargo Cover
Heavy Duty Dog Cargo Liner Covers
SUV Cargo Liner for Pets
Top Rated Dog Car Seat Covers and Cargo Liner
Universal Cargo Cover Liners
Thick Heavy Duty Dog Seat Covers

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Weight 5.16 lbs
Dimensions 15.35 × 12.09 × 4.88 in
Package Dimensions

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Date First Available

‎ March 22, 2017


‎ B06XSNW91J


‎ Bulldogology, Bulldogology Pet Solutions

10 reviews for Bulldogology Dog Cargo Liner – SUV Trunk Protector – Waterproof Nonslip Mat (Large, Black) Fits Rivian R1S

  1. Cd

    This car trunk liner for hair/dirt or whatever is way better than I thought it was going to be. It’s heavy duty with a thick non-slip backing..no liquid is getting through this! The size for my 24 Nissan Pathfinder is like it was custom made. One thing I didn’t realise/notice in the description were the corner zippers. Once it’s in place over the back seat head rests it then zips in both right & left corners to form a good fit..no shifting around when the dogs/animals are in there (see pic). Two pcs of adhesive backed velcro are supplied to attach to each side of the trunk to additionally secure the sides if you need to. I felt the suction cups for the window (also provided) were enough..but good to know I have the Velcro if needed. I can’t emphasise enough how good looking & secure this liner is. Just bought it..so haven’t washed it yet..I really see myself using a hand vac & wiping the liner down with Clorox wipes more than washing it (in the pic you can see the dog hair, it’s on the top, not stuck in the fibres..so, easy to vac up). My large dogs (2 x Labs..90 + 100lbs)seem to like it. The additional flap that goes over the edge & bumper of cargo area protect my cars finish from my dogs nails..another plus. I would recommend this product, it’s a good quality item.

  2. Sherry Lynn

    Saw the reviews on similar products and decided on this because of durability. Yes, it IS durable, kept our new 3 yo silver lab from the shelter from destroying the interior of our minivan on his freedom ride, LOL! We used it to provide comfort to our senior yellow lab on the day we had to say goodbye, and it also wipes clean, shakes out easily. It’s fits perfectly in our Honda Odyssey, BUT the sides do not stay up. Has more to do with the van design and reality. It would need to snap into place and that’s not practical. Doesn’t really matter. The floor is protected from any accidents, provides some comfort (van floors are NOT comfortable), and keeps the fur from getting all over the interior.

  3. Kari RN

    This was very easy to install, I just needed a second set of hands once. That was because I installed the Zookeeper barrier for my 2 big dogs (75 lb lab mix & 95 lb GSD & retriever mix) to stay pt. Then I put the cargo liner over top of the barrier against the back of the 2nd row captains chairs.The XL liner goes about 3 inches up the sides of walls. I wasn’t looking to cover the entire sides of the cargo area, so I’m ok with that. The liner fully covered my bumper (almost to the ground) so my dogs couldn’t scratch up the bumper getting in.I have only taken the dogs for one ride so far, but there was no slipping and sliding around.I am happy with the liner, it feels hefty and durable. This is going to stay in my car all the time so I just folded up the bumper cover part when I closed my tailgate.I am pleased with this purchase and think it’s a good value for the price. After I have used this for a while & if my opinion changes, I will be back to update my review.

  4. Grain of Salt

    I use the large SUV cargo liner for utility, not for dogs. I wanted a way to protect the cargo area of my 4Runner for light utility usage. This liner does a good job of that. It is easy to install and remove, and has pretty good coverage. I would have liked a slightly wider version for higher side coverage, but otherwise it works very well. The extra length is nice to cover the edge of the cargo area and bumper while loading, and I can throw it over whatever is back there before closing the door. If I leave the liner in, I can tuck that flap under for a clean look.

  5. Tony G.

    Its a great looking seat cover that is sewn together nicely.I live in Alaska and take my malamute out on walks and hikes all the time. I’ve only had this during the winter, but my dog as already put it to the test with snow and dirt. So far, the cover is water resistant and easy to clean.

  6. SoCalMom

    I did a lot of research on Amazon and other websites looking for the perfect cover for the back of our new 2024G wagon and this fits the car perfectly and it also matches the stitching throughout our car, so it doesn’t look like we have a big tarp in our back. I purchased it as we have two Boston terrors that we love to take hiking, beach, and dog parking our little guys like to get dirty and roll around and we don’t like that in the rest of our car. This cover is really well-made sturdy and is been holding up very well. You’re able to brush the dirt and debris off pretty easily , I haven’t had to wash it as of yet, but I think it looks like it’s gonna hold up. I will add to my review when I do so far I highly recommend also I did purchase a few other ones in the past that I had to return as they fell apart pretty quickly, and we’re not good quality this one definitely is.

  7. ejm06d

    I’m impressed by the quality and fit of the Large size. Better than forking over 150 bucks for a normal waterproof mat. I was even able to tuck it in between the floor and panels of the Suburban and it is nice and tight. I have medium to small sized dogs so I think this will last many years!

  8. Travis E Brickett

    Feels durable, the straps seem to be well stitched and are heavier duty than other products we’ve bought. Covers the sides as well to help keep spills from leaking onto the carpet underneath. Love the bumper protection. Much better product than the others we’ve had, looking forward to years of use.

  9. Mimi belle

    This product is much nicer in person than in the photos. The material is thick, with a water resistant backing. It’s washable, but I feel like it could easily be wiped down with a moist cloth fur spot cleaning. It adequately covers both the back of my suv with the third row seats folded down, as well as my minivan with seats folded down. It clips easily onto the middle row seats to keep the seat backs protected and keep my golden retriever and doodle safely in the back. I also like how there was enough material to cover the rear bumper to protect it while loading things in the back.

  10. Steve D

    we actually have used this for our pet only twice, but we leave it in because the vehicle we installed on is basically used for community projects and I lay a sheet of plywood over the cover. When I remove the plywood, I can clean up the wood and debris quickly and restore my big SUV to a family hauler where no one gets dirty.

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