BestEvMod for Rivian R1T Foldable Roof Sunshade 2 Layer Accessories,Sunroof Reflective Covers Blocks Glare Blocks UV Rays Heat & Sun Protection Compatible with Rivian R1T 2022 2023 Accessories (Grey)


Brand BestEvMod Color Grey Material Polyester Closure Type Roll Up Two Layer Design: Package Includes the heat insulation black mesh and the UV reflective sliver coating layer This peoduct is strong and stable, efficiently blocking the sunlight and keeping cabin temperature at a comfortable level. Function: Crafted with premium material to make it efficient in…

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BestEvMod team is aim to create a reliable Rivian aftermarket products one stop service station for every valuable Rivian owners.

Our R&D department always research what Rivian Owners need and develop excellent products for Rivian Owners.

Our team is dedicated to develop excellent and reliable Rivian accessories and continuously provide outstanding shopping experience to ensure everyone of BestEvMod customer are satisfy.


Rivian sunshade cover

Rivian sunshade cover

Rivian sunshade cover


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Additional information


Weight 1.45 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16.3 × 2 in


‎Rivian R1T Roof Sunshade

Item Weight

‎1.45 pounds

Package Dimensions

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Date First Available

December 6, 2022



8 reviews for BestEvMod for Rivian R1T Foldable Roof Sunshade 2 Layer Accessories,Sunroof Reflective Covers Blocks Glare Blocks UV Rays Heat & Sun Protection Compatible with Rivian R1T 2022 2023 Accessories (Grey)

  1. Alex Martin

    There are some other reviews here which are very mis-leading. Let me clear it all up!1. If you follow the instructions and put the clips where you are supposed to, this cover fits great.2. This cover is not meant to be jammed into gap between the glass and the roof. This is how you get gaps.3. When installed correctly there is no gaps in the cover where you can still see glass.4. The silver and black reflective shield is the size of the glass which if the above statements were made clear, you now understand is slightly smaller than the mesh cover.So, in conclusion, the reflective layer fits perfectly into the window to reflect the sun. The mesh overlaps the window a little bit when installed correctly so there are no gaps.

  2. RGR

    This was easy to install and remove from my R1T. The assembly however is the reason why I’ve given this 3 stars. I found the reflective cloth layer to be at least 1/4″ too short on each side. If the cloth was slightly longer it would allow the magnets to attach to hold the cloth in position. If there were maybe 1/2″ more material on each side it would allow for some overlap where the clips could hold the cloth in place securely and would not have impacted the look of the shade after being installed. As is, I’ve had to spend some time getting the cloth unbunched at each corner after installing the shade.

  3. Cary Lambeth

    would buy again. Thanks

  4. snowsurfer27

    Similar to other reviews, it doesn’t cover the entire roof of the R1T, but it still provides protection from the sun. I didn’t like the clips that came with the product and thought that they would easily come apart during installation or simply just driving around with the windows down, like another reviewer mentioned. I decided to sow the reflective side to the mesh. After doing so, I felt more confident using this product. I paid $50 for this and felt it was a bit overpriced for cheap materials, especially if I had to put a bit of effort to make the product more secure to use on my R1T. Be aware that the reflective cover is smaller than the mesh it’s supposed to be attached to, like what other reviewers mentioned. I rated it as 2 stars, because of the amount I paid didn’t reflect a quality product. It feels like a Chinese knock off trying to make an easy buck off Rivian customers. I did some modifications and it is being used on my R1T. I’ll update this post with pictures..

  5. Jerry

    A bit harder to install, fitment don’t line up and leaves a bit of a gap.

  6. Edgar Mendoza

    There is a mesh screen and then another additional layer that you have to put on top of that. It’s held together by clips and those clips easily fall off. This isn’t meant for a quick pop up solution, instead it’s designed to stay up for a long time. Do not purchase if you’re looking for a quick pop up solution.

  7. Raythomas S.

    I purchased a different brand shade that fills in all the gaps, but I purchased this version because it has the same light interior as my Rivian. This product does not fit and leaves gaps all the way around. If you push one side in, it will pull it away from the other sides. If it was 1/4” longer all the way around it would be perfect.

  8. MAJ

    I had a previous shade that attached with suction cups; it was thicker and all one piece but was more difficult to install than this one. I didn’t have high hopes for this one after reading the other reviews and then receiving it and seeing how thin it was. Unlike some others, I didn’t really have an issue with the sizing on the reflective portion; however, getting it to stay in place with the extremely weak magnets presented a bit a of a challenge when trying to get the two pieces, now joined together, installed properly. The included clips help keep it in place; it remains to be seen how durable these will be. I’m not sure I’d trust them with the windows open at highway speeds, but the way I figure, if I need this screen in place, it’s probably because it’s summer and the AC will definitely be on here in Texas. In reality, this cover probably needs to be one piece instead of two – the roof is already tinted to most people installing something like this really just want to entirely block out the direct sun anyway; without the reflector, this cover is more like a light mesh that doesn’t really do much. Removal is easy but my plan is to just leave it installed until fall comes around anyway.

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