BestEvMod Air Filter Compatible with Rivian R1T & Rivian R1S Replacement Air Filter HEPA H13 Activated Carbon Compatible with Rivian R1T R1S 2022 2023 2024 Accessories

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Rivian Custom Air Filter – Breathe Easy on the Road This air filter is specifically designed for your Rivian, ensuring a perfect fit thanks to its 1:1 original vehicle mold. Triple-Layered Protection for Cleaner Air Roughing Filter:** Traps large particles like dust, sand, and debris. HEPA H13 Grade Filter:** Removes harmful airborne particles as small…

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Weight 11.6 lbs
Dimensions 9.96 × 8.82 × 1.65 in

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‎11.6 ounces

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September 2, 2023



8 reviews for BestEvMod Air Filter Compatible with Rivian R1T & Rivian R1S Replacement Air Filter HEPA H13 Activated Carbon Compatible with Rivian R1T R1S 2022 2023 2024 Accessories

  1. Amazon Customer

    Worked great. Took a little while to figure correct direction of airflow. Not labeled well

  2. Todd W.

    Perfect fit for my R1T. Changing took 5 minutes and overall performance is great. Will buy again.

  3. Some Guy

    Exact fit to OEM filter for my 2022 R1T. Photos show it blowing leaves in to the car – mine didn’t, but definitely the interior went from grayscale to full color. Not sure how they pulled that off.Didn’t do any before/after testing in terms of particulate – air quality around here these days is pretty good now that we’re past fire season. Probably does filter to HEPA standards, but I don’t think it can pull enough through to actually achieve full HEPA quality air in the vehicle – it’s pretty small for the volume of the cab.No complaints. Will report back if it starts to get dank.

  4. James Broitzman

    This filter fits really well into the factory location of my R1T. I’ve never had any bad smells from it so it’s doing its job well.

  5. Jim Pangborn

    No issues. Can’t tell if it works better than the OEM filter, but just by looking at it having the carbon filter as opposed to just a cloth filter is better.

  6. Chad D.

    This is a perfect fit for my 22 R1T. It’s very easy to replace yourself. A quick search online will show you a video. Air flow tag can be confusing so make sure blue side faces out when installing.

  7. davinci

    Fits perfectly into the slot for the air filter. Improved the air quality as we took a long road trip and noticed the difference.

  8. SoccerFan

    First thing to know. Changing a filter in R1S or R1T is a very easy task. A beginner like me can do it in 5 mins. Search youtube!This air filter is a HEPA grade filter that will do you a lot of good especially if you are driving offroad or on the freeways frequently. It functions way better than the original air filter. The pleats are more closer and it has a charcoal layer as the last defense before the filtered air enters the cabin. In addition to the charcoal, pleats, there is an additional layer of netting in the front. The blue layer in the pictures is the netting. You can see the comparison to the original filter on the right in one of the pictures. I had a Tesla Model X and loved the HEPA filter for cabin air quality. Glad that this option exists for the Rivian R1S, R1T. A must buy IMHO for anyone suffering from breathing problems like asthma or any allergens. You will not regret it.

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