BASENOR 2016-2024 Tesla Model 3 Sunshade Side Windows Rear Windshield Sun Shades Reflective Covers Sunproof UV Rays and Privacy Protection Set of 6 Compatible with 2024 Model 3 Highland

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Brand BASENOR Color Black Product Dimensions 20″L x 20″W Closure Type Foldable Vehicle Service Type Tesla Model 3 2023, Tesla Model 3 2024, Tesla Model 3 2016-2022Tesla Model 3 2023, Tesla Model 3 2024, Tesla Model 3 2016-2022 See more Material Alloy Steel Masterfully Custom-Designed: Incredible custom design loved by 500,000+ Tesla owners. BASENOR Model…

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Product Description

tesla model 3 all windows sunshade

tesla model 3 side windows sunshade

2023 tesla model 3 window privacy

tesla model 3 whole vehicle sunshade

tesla model 3 rear window sunshade

tesla model 3 window shade


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Additional information


Weight 14.1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 in


Product Dimensions

‎20"L x 20"W

Closure Type


‎Tesla Model 3 Side Window Shade

Item Weight

‎14.1 ounces

Item model number

‎Tesla Model 3

Manufacturer Part Number


Special Features

‎Tesla Model 3 Side Window Shade

Lift Type



Date First Available

August 3, 2021



10 reviews for BASENOR 2016-2024 Tesla Model 3 Sunshade Side Windows Rear Windshield Sun Shades Reflective Covers Sunproof UV Rays and Privacy Protection Set of 6 Compatible with 2024 Model 3 Highland

  1. noname bob

    These fit my model S long range Raven addition I bought in 2019 perfectly. Blocks out all light and Visibility four privacy and protection from sun damage and keeps car cooler on hot days worth the money. For the back windows it came with these plastic clips if you put two of them on the top it helps hold it in place super easy and the side windows fit so snug the back ones are not quite as snug but still don’t require any clips or much effort to get it in place and the front window has complete coverage and wraps around mirror great complete black out no light gets through

  2. Jason Alvira

    This is such a must have. I used this for camping and it completely blacked out my car. I had no idea what time it was! Love it.

  3. Miro

    I used these on a cross country road trip. My plan wasn’t to sleep only in the car, but I did take a bunch of rests on long charges, and one solid nap early one morning. The side windows all work great when installing from inside. They snap in place perfectly without retaining help, fit windows perfect, and are great. Even the small tiny trianges in back! The Model Y has tinted back windows, so maybe you can’t see much in already, but these provide complete black out for privacy and low light.The rear window was a bit of a pain and I never really succeeded in keeping the shade in it. It fits fine, perhaps could be a cm bigger to make it stay. But the intended clips didn’t really help me. The clips themself barely stayed in place between the tesla rear glass and side panels, and when adding weight of the very light weight shade they kind of just fell. If I was somehow able to get 3-4 in place with the shade they were combined, almost able to hold it up. But if one fell or shifted the rest came down too. In the end I gave up on the trouble. Also, when the clips/shade fall, the clips tend to disappear in the trunk side storage, blend in with the black carpet (because it’s already fairly dark in you’re probably inside with your cell phone light. I am pretty sure I lost 2 clips back there somewhere already.Separately I got a front shade, and didn’t bother with the ceiling window. The front shade can go in the windshield, but also right behind the front seats if you want to create a napping space in back.I could return these over the back window, but I’m tempted to keep them just for the useful rear window privacy.Price could be better for these pieces of nylon and elasticized band, but they’re sturdy, and it is fine.

  4. Michael Guennewig

     I was able to easily install these in my Model S Plaid and they will provide great privacy for an upcoming camping trip. They work well to blackout the windows. They were also easy to fold back up and put back in the flat zippered carrying bag. These will work great for me.

  5. Fill

    This was exactly as expected. For perfect. Blocked all light. Love the 1/4 window pieces. The only thing I will say is that it did leave some black marks from removal. It would drag on the edges and leave a mark from the black material, but I’d imagine if you’re more careful it shouldn’t be an issue. Marks were not drastic or deep, just light scuffs that would come out with a little water and soap.

  6. BriskIsIt

    These were amazing and provided the right amount of privacy. Of course you need to slip them on and off when you enter from the doors but they’re super easy to manage and everything fits snugly! Took them on a 2 night trip. The rooftop shade has a weird fit where the clips need to tuck in, so there’s probably danger of scratching the upholstery when it goes in and out but we just left it for regular driving and haven’t looked back

  7. Kg

    The piece for the liftgate window in the Model Y is impossible to hold in place because it’s too small. The “clips” are useless plastic tabs that have no actual clipping mechanism.

  8. Chad H.

    Product is good, love that you don’t have to fold them or perform any weird machinations to store them – just thow them back in the provided bag and they are slim and easy to slide anywhere. For travel they fit nicely in my Frunk on top of my Tescamp bed.They come with some sort of clip that I didn’t know what to do with and there were no instructions in the package on what that clip is intended for. I am sure they are mean to hold the shade to the window when the door opens, but it didn’t seem to work. Once the door is closed it stays up on its own without issue. Only when opening the door is it an annoyance.I recommend sewing a little pull loop to the center of the small triangular cover that fits into the rear side glass – it gets stuck in the framing and can be a bear to pull out without the addition.

  9. Himanshu chopra

    Great Buy
    Very easy to install, very easy to remove. Virtually no light penetration. Very good quality.

  10. Merc & Ale

    Provaci garantita
    Magari non sono perfette in quanto di giorno dalle cuciture qualcosa passa di luce , ma talmente poca da non far fastidio.Il prodotto garantisce una provacy senza eguali , se si dorme in auto come a me capita ogni tanto non si ha alcun problema di esser visti da fuori.Nessun compromesso sono molto utili

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