AOSKonology for Mach E/F-150 Lightning 9H Matte Finish Screen Protector Center Console Compatible with 2021-2024 Mustang Mach-E/ 2022-2024 F150 Lightning 15.5 inch Screen Anti-Glare (Matte Finish)


Brand AOSKonology Material 9H Hardness Glass Item Hardness 9H Product Dimensions 14″L x 9.5″W Special Feature Anti Glare Finish Type Matte Water Resistance Level Waterproof Unit Count 1.0 Count Screen Size 15.5 Inches Screen Surface Description Matte Prefect Fit: for Mustang Mach-E 2021-2024 & F-150 Lightning 2022-2024. Made by 3D precision digital laser scanning to…

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Product Description

Screen Protector

Screen Protector

AOSK for Mustang Mach-E Clear 9H HD Screen Protector made by 3D precision digital laser scanning to protect the center console screen get dirty.

AOSK for Mustang Mach-E Screen Protector

AOSK for Mustang Mach-E Clear Screen Protector made by 9H Reinforced Tempered Hardness for twice as much strength as non-tempered alternatives and effective resistance against scratches and waterproof. Viewing the screen sideways will not reflect light, so you will not be troubled by glare in daily driving, thus reducing the probability of accidents.

Screen Protector
Screen Protector
Screen Protector

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Additional information


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9.5 × 0.5 in
Product Dimensions

14 x 9.5 x 0.5 inches

Item Weight

5 ounces



Item model number


Special Features

Anti Glare


Date First Available

June 17, 2021



9 reviews for AOSKonology for Mach E/F-150 Lightning 9H Matte Finish Screen Protector Center Console Compatible with 2021-2024 Mustang Mach-E/ 2022-2024 F150 Lightning 15.5 inch Screen Anti-Glare (Matte Finish)

  1. HuntingPudel

    The screen protector itself is great. It fits the screen perfectly and totally disguises finger smudges so that the screen isn’t all messed up every time I poke it or drag my finger across it.Now for the bad: I stupidly left my windows open when I did the install (it was a warm day) and I have a couple of air bubbles under the screen protector because dust blew in that I couldn’t get off of the screen protector. Totally y fault. I will probably be buying another one of these in the future so that I can rectify my blunder.

  2. Chuck

    Recently installed. So far so good. Matte finish obscures the display a little more than I would have expected.Install instructions were very terse. There are 3 “guide” stickers provided with absolutely no direction on what to do with them. Screen protector has its own protection film on both sides. Terse instructions indicate to remove film side 1 (sticker with a “1” on it), side applied to the center screen, before applying the protector. Film side 2 (the outside) gets removed after install. Both stickers are located on the bottom of the protector. This is what I did or did not to do after cleaning the center screen display.* First, do NOT remove film side 1 just yet.* Remove the volume dial section of the screen protector. Be careful as sections of the cutout are still attached. An Exacto knife or razor blade might come handy to help separate those attached sections.* Place the 3 “guide” stickers at the TOP of the screen protector on the inside (film side 1). One in each corner and one in the center. Make sure they are firmly applied.* Use these guide stickers to separate the inside film from the screen protector. When pulled out and down, they may not pull the film away from the protector the first couple attempts. You may have to help separate the film from the protector with your finger or finger nail.* Grabbing the guide stickers pull the film DOWN from the top about half way. I do not recommend removing the inside film entirely yet.* Align the entire protector using the volume dial at the bottom to help center and position the protector.* Apply the top of the protector to the screen using the provided applicator which also helps remove any air bubbles.* After applying the top quarter of the screen protector, pull the inside film down to just before the bottom of the protector. Helps keep the bottom of the protector from sticking to the screen while you still apply the top portion of the protector. Double check the protector is still positioned correctly to fit over the volume dial.* Using the applicator continue applying the protector to the screen working from the center down and the center out.* When you reach near the top of the volume dial, completely remove the inside film and finish installing the remaining lower section of the protector to the screen* Use the applicator to remove as many of the air bubbles you can see while the protection film (2) is still attached on the outside of the protector.* Carefully remove the outside film protector using the sticker at the bottom.* Use the applicator one final time to completely adhere the protector to the screen and remove any remaining air bubbles.Hopefully this will save you some time.

  3. GT

    Great screen protector and easy install. Love the matte finish.No glare, fingurement on screen after install.

  4. Srilakshmi

    Save your money and buy a real glass protector. The plastic ones like this brand are a pain to install, result in too many bubbles and is hard to get the alignment correct. This one in particular was extremely difficult to get the alignment correct. Even then, I ended up with too many bubbles that wouldn’t go away with the included squeegee. Not worth the money.


    Installed perfectly on my f150 lightning. Has to squeegee for about 10 minutes but wanted a perfect install.

  6. Leanne Smith

    Fit perfect, alignment was easy!

  7. Teri Y.

    If you’re a screen protector user by nature, this is one of the easiest applications I’ve done in a long time. Ignore their instructions which are backwards. You need to put it on bottom to top because of the hole for the dial.That being said, the normal not matte version I got still picks up fingerprints like blotting paper, and to make things worse, it also has a much much higher friction coefficient than the bare screen. your finger won’t slide as well on the screen anymore. (or maybe that’s a feature).It’s not really glass but more like a sheet of plastic. Sensitivity seems fine, clarity seems okay. The installation kit has stickers which I ignored since your alignment is the dial. Time will tell how long these last.

  8. Kent A Hand

    I love this product

  9. david


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